Porsche Design P 9982 from BlackBerry - Contact views

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Contact views

When you tap a contact in the Contacts app, your BlackBerry device shows you lots of details about the
person. Some info, like a contact's birthday, the company the person works for, and the person's
picture, is pulled from social networking accounts that you added to your device, like Twitter or LinkedIn.
Other info can be added by you. There are three tabs, or views, that you can tap through.


This view shows you an overview of contacts' details: how to contact them, where they work, their
birthdays, and other important information about them. You can tap on phone numbers or email
addresses to start connecting with contacts.


This view shows you your contacts' most recent updates from social networking apps like Twitter
and Facebook. If you added a contact's company name, the Updates view also shows you news
about that company. Tap on an update to see it in a social networking app or the browser.


This view shows you upcoming and past interactions with your contacts. Tap on any activity to go
directly to that event on your device.