Porsche Design P 9982 from BlackBerry - Get directions

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Get directions

Verify that location services are turned on and that your BlackBerry device has established a GPS

1. In the Maps app, find a place by doing one of the following:

• On the map screen, search for an address or a place using the search field. In the search results,

tap a place.

• On the map screen, locate a pin that you added to the map. Tap the pin.
• On the map screen, tap > . Tap Recents, Favorites, or Contacts. Tap an address, a place,

or a contact.

2. Tap .
3. To begin receiving turn-by-turn directions, tap .

To stop turn-by-turn directions in the map view or detail view, tap

. To stop turn-by-turn directions in

the street-level view, tap anywhere on the screen. Tap