Porsche Design P 9982 from BlackBerry - Change your story settings

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Change your story settings

1. In BlackBerry Story Maker, tap a story.
2. While the story is playing, tap the screen.
3. Tap > .
4. Do any of the following:

• To remove titles and credits from your stories, turn off the

Titles and Credits switch.

• To remove collages from your stories, turn off the

Arrange Pictures in Collages switch.

• To arrange pictures and videos in chronological order, turn off the

Automatically Reorder Media


• To keep videos the length that you recorded them, turn off the

Automatically Trim Videos switch.

• To automatically adjust the length of stories to match the music you choose, turn on the


Length of Story to Music switch.


User Guide


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Note: If a switch is unavailable, it means that the theme currently used in your story doesn't support that
setting or that the story doesn't contain any media affected by that setting. For example, if your story
contains only videos, the

Arrange Pictures in Collages switch is unavailable.