Porsche Design P 9982 from BlackBerry - Take a picture

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Take a picture

Your BlackBerry device analyzes the current lighting conditions and suggests the scene or mode best
suited to those conditions. To accept the suggestion, tap the suggestion at the top of the screen.

Tip: To make sure that your picture looks the best when being displayed on devices other than your
BlackBerry device, such as a computer screen, make sure that you hold the camera in landscape view
before you take the picture.

1. Open the Camera app. To zoom in or zoom out, slide your fingers apart or together on the screen.

Note: Zoom only works in Normal and Stabilization shooting modes.


User Guide


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2. Tap the area of the screen that you want to focus on. You can focus on any part of the image on the

screen, not just the center of the screen.

3. When the focus box turns green, do any of the following:

• To take one picture, tap .
• To take continuous pictures when you have Burst shooting mode turned on, touch and hold .

The number of pictures you took in Burst mode appears in the lower-left corner of the screen. The
camera stops taking pictures when you take your finger off of the icon.

Tip: You can turn on grid lines to help you center items in your picture or to make sure your picture is
straight. To turn on grid lines, in the Camera app, tap


Settings. Turn on the Display Grid Lines