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Troubleshooting: Work space and BlackBerry Balance

My device is quarantined

If your BlackBerry device is quarantined, you receive a notification that you can't access your work
space until you resolve the problem. When your device is quarantined, you can't access files or email
messages on your organization's network from your device, but you can access files in your work space

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that are saved on your device. If your device is quarantined, your administrator might delete some or all
the data on your device.

Note: A device can be quarantined only if the work account on the device is associated with an
Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) solution from BlackBerry.

To remove your device from quarantine, try the following:

• If services aren't correctly activated on the SIM card in your device, try using a different SIM card or

changing your wireless service plan.

• If your device is running a version the BlackBerry 10 OS that your organization doesn't support,

contact your administrator to update to a supported version.

• If the EMM solution from BlackBerry detects that the security of your device is compromised, contact

your administrator for information about how to reinstall the BlackBerry 10 OS.

If you still can't unlock your work space, contact your administrator.