Porsche Design P 9982 from BlackBerry - What’s new in accessibility

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What's new in accessibility

Your BlackBerry device is designed to help you stay productive with assistive technology for people with
disabilities and special requirements. BlackBerry continues to improve the accessibility features on your
BlackBerry device with updates to existing features and expanded gestures to use with the BlackBerry
Screen Reader.


• The "Where am I" gesture makes the BlackBerry Screen Reader describe the application and

currently active point of regard. To use the "Where am I" gesture, tap the screen with two fingers.
When you are on the home screen, the "Where am I" gesture reads information about the icon on the
top left of the screen.


User Guide


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Application support for BlackBerry Screen Reader

The BlackBerry Screen Reader now supports the following applications:

• BlackBerry Remember
• Music
• Smart Tags


• You can now set the display using the Reverse Contrast feature.
• There is now a preview pane for Closed Captions settings.