Porsche Design P 9982 from BlackBerry - Troubleshooting: Bluetooth

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Troubleshooting: Bluetooth
I can't pair with a Bluetooth enabled device

• Check that your BlackBerry device is compatible with the Bluetooth enabled device. For more

information, see the documentation that came with the Bluetooth enabled device.


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• If your Bluetooth enabled device requires a passkey and you don't know what the passkey is, check

the documentation that came with your Bluetooth enabled device. Sometimes the passkey is set to
0000 until you change it. If you don't know what the passkey is, try 0000.

• If your BlackBerry device doesn't detect the Bluetooth enabled device that you want to pair with, try

making your BlackBerry device discoverable for a short period of time. On the home screen, swipe
down from the top of the screen. Tap

Settings > Networks and Connections > Bluetooth. In the

Discoverable drop-down list, tap On or 2 Minutes. If necessary, enter your BlackBerry device
password. Start the pairing process according to the documentation that came with the device.

• If the Bluetooth enabled device uses a battery, connect the device to a power source and then try

again. Depending on the device, if the battery power level is too low the device might still operate but
be unable to pair.

• If Mobile Hotspot mode is on, verify that you're trying to connect to a Bluetooth enabled device that

uses the Handsfree, Serial Port, or Personal Area Network profiles.

I keep losing the connection with my Bluetooth enabled car kit

• Check that your car kit is using the latest software version that is available. For more information

about your car kit's software version, see the documentation that came with your car kit.

• Move your BlackBerry device to another location in your vehicle or turn your device to face another

direction. The location of your device's antenna in relation to your car kit's Bluetooth antenna may
affect the Bluetooth connection.