Porsche Design P 9982 from BlackBerry - Typing in other languages

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Typing in other languages

You can set your BlackBerry device to recognize three different input languages when you type. As you
type, your device makes predictions based on each of the language families. For example, if you use a
Latin-based display language, predictions appear for any of the configured Latin-based languages.
Similarly, if your display language is Korean, it will not display Arabic or Latin-based suggestions. When
you set more than one typing language, you may need to consider the following:

• Some languages, such as Thai and Arabic, have more characters in the alphabet than there are keys

on the keyboard. You need to use a keystroke combination to access the second or third character
on a particular key. For information about how to access these types of characters, see the help for
typing in that language.

• Different languages may have different keyboard layouts. For example, American English uses a

QWERTY keyboard layout, but French uses an AZERTY keyboard layout. Some keys appear in
locations that you may not be used to.

• Similar languages may have slightly different keyboard layouts. For example, many languages use a

QWERTY keyboard layout. However, Danish, Spanish, and Romanian include different characters on
the basic keyboard that aren't on other QWERTY keyboard layouts.

• Some supported languages, such as Hebrew, Farsi, and Arabic, read right-to-left. If you change to

one of these languages from a left-to-right language in the middle of a sentence, your device
automatically places the characters you type on the left side of the cursor. When you change back to
the left-to-right language, you need to move your cursor back to the right side of the text.