Porsche Design P 9982 from BlackBerry - How do I free up storage space?

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How do I free up storage space?

Note: The camera might not be available depending on your BlackBerry device model.

To make room for more files and apps, try any of the following:

• Save documents and media files on your media card. To automatically save camera pictures and

videos on your media card, on the home screen, tap

. Swipe down from the top of the screen and

tap .

• Move documents and media files from your device to your media card using File Manager.
• Reduce the size of pictures that you take and videos that you record. To change the ratio option for

your pictures and videos, on the home screen, tap



• Transfer some of your data to your computer using a USB connection, a Wi-Fi connection, or

BlackBerry Link. To download BlackBerry Link, on your computer, visit




• Delete files that you don't need. To delete multiple items, in an app, tap > . Select the items

and tap



• Delete apps that you don't use. To delete an app, on the home screen, touch and hold an app icon

until the icons begin to blink. On the icon for the app that you want to delete, tap

. If you don't see

on the app icon, the app can't be deleted.

• Delete messages in the BlackBerry Hub that you don't need. You can delete individual messages and

multiple messages. To delete messages only from your device, but keep them on the messaging
server, in the BlackBerry Hub, tap

> >

Display and Actions. In the Delete On drop-down list,


Hub Only. To delete all messages that were sent or received before a specific date, touch and

hold the date bar. The messages are highlighted. Tap


• Clear the BlackBerry Browser information and Browser history. In the Browser, tap > > Privacy

and Security. Tap Clear Cookies and Other Data. Tap Clear History.

• Delete contacts you no longer need in the Contacts app.


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Optimize your device's performance

If you find that your BlackBerry device is running unusally slow, try any of the following:

• Close any apps that you aren't using.
• Delete messages that you don't need to keep.
• In your browser privacy settings, clear your history, cookies, and other website data.