Porsche Design P 9982 from BlackBerry - Set up your computer with BlackBerry Link

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Set up your computer with BlackBerry Link

The first time you open BlackBerry Link, you can give your computer a display name that identifies your
computer on your device and in BlackBerry Link. BlackBerry Link displays the default pictures, videos,
and documents libraries on your computer that you can sync with and access from your device.

To set up your BlackBerry ID with BlackBerry Link, make sure that your computer is connected to the

1. On your computer, open BlackBerry Link.
2. Type a display name for your computer. Click Next.
3. Select the music sources on your computer, such as Windows Media Player or iTunes. On a Mac

computer, you can also select the folders for your

Documents library.

4. If you have an Internet connection, sign in to or create a BlackBerry ID.
5. Select the checkboxes beside the devices you want to grant remote file access to.
6. Click Finish.